We are a custom-tailored relocation service to help multicultural families to happily settle in Porto Alegre despite the cultural shock that they experience.
We provide a convenient, pleasant and cost-effective relocation as you can see from the testimonials of our former clients.

We offer two types of packages: a 30-hour package for basic needs and a custom-tailored package created to suit your needs.

Our 30 hours pack includes

  Hotel or Flat reservation;
  Welcoming at the airport and transportation to the assigned hotel;
  A list of items to bring with you when coming to Porto Alegre;
  Personal assistance in shopping for household goods;
  Informal talk and video about the city;
  City tour;
  Pre-screening of housing/office possibilities;
  Housing and office on-site visitation;
  Scheduling appointments for business meetings, visits to factories, schools and clubs;
  Help in joining recommended Portuguese courses;
  Assistance in banking and drivers license registration;
  Assistance in the preparation of required documents ( ID and CIC ) and other legal documents;
  Help in acquiring a personal phone, hiring a school bus for the children and house maintenance personnel;
  Familiarization with clubs and community organizations and the services they offer, such as health clubs, bridge clubs and International Women's Club of Porto Alegre;
  In-depth information about the city, its cultural aspects, climate, housing, including supermarkets, shoppings, malls, clubs, hospitals,bilingual physicians, dentists, vets, transportation services, emergency numbers, etc...

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